Currently we purchase LCD for Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony models.

Currently we purchase LCD for Apple, Samsung and LG models. See here the specific list: https://sellbrokenscreens.eu/buyback-prices-for-broken-screens/.

We buy lots of screens from customers worldwide. You can check our buyback prices HERE.

You can drop off your LCD’s by our office in the Netherlands. We have technicians that can test your screens and provide you with the testing report.
You can ship the LCD’s free to us. Once the screens arrived, we will test the screens one by one and provide you with the test results within 2 working days. After you agreed with the testing report, we are going to pay you right away.

The prices do change, but not so often. Receive our newsletter by filling in your email on the homepage to be updated with the newest prices weekly. It is important to be updated informed on the current price. If you do not want to receive emails, you can also visit our website to see the latest prices.

Our LCD Buyback prices are the best, see here our LCD Buyback Price page.
If you have a big quantity to sell, we can offer you a better price even.

We do pay the shipping cost for over 100 broken screens worldwide. However to fasten up the process you can send your screens and the shipping costs will be added to the test results.

Packing your broken screens correctly is crucial to prevent damage during the shipping. It can easily save you an extra 10-20%. HERE you can see how to pack in your screens correctly.

Defective LCD’s will be saved in our office in case a customers wants them shipped back. If you don’t agree with the testing results, the screens will be shipped back to you.

We test LCD screens using PHONES. This way we can provide the most accurate results. All screens will be tested in the colors Black, White and Gray.
We are looking for the following things when we test your screens:
– Bad backlight (considered B-grade)
– Dead pixels (considered B-grade)
– Grey area (considered B-grade)
– Lines (considered DEFECTIVE or B-grade)
– Screen burns (considered DEFECTIVE or B-grade)
– Pressure spots (considered DEFECTIVE or B-grade)
– Touch functionality (considered DEFECTIVE)

We do have multiple payment methods:
– Paypal (immediately)
– Wire Transfer (1-3 working days)
– Cash (by pickup at our location)
– Store credit for LCD screens (please contact us regarding new LCD screens if interested)

After we send you the test results and we get an approval, we will make the payment the same day. The prices on our website are included VAT. We need an invoice from your screens to pay you.